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5th Meeting


Shunsuke Takagi (Tokyo)

A Gorenstein criterion for strongly F-regular and log terminal singularities
Let (X, x) be a normal F-pure (resp. log canonical) singularity. We give a criterion for (X, x) to be quasi-Gorenstein in terms of an F-pure (resp. log canonical) threshold under the hypothesis that its anti-canonical cover is finitely generated.

Zhiyuan Li (Bonn)

Cones and tautological classes on moduli of K3 surfaces
In this lecture, I will review the cycle theory on moduli problems. In particular, I will talk about the recent questions for cycles on moduli space of K3 surfaces. This includes the Noether-Lefschetz (NL) conjecture, the effective cone question and the tautological conjecture.

Don Zagier (MPIM Bonn)

Teichmueller curves and twisted modular forms

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